Thursday, 13 December 2018
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First Day of School - 2018

Stationary list - Grade 6


2 x Examination pad [A4, 100 sheets punched holes]

Pritt / Bostik 80g - marked

Ball point pen – 2 each of blue and black - marked

Calculator (preferable Sharp EL-531 WH OR EL-W535HT – marked please)

Pencil x 3 or pacer(if pacer, own replacement of lead)

Pencil crayons x 12pk - marked

Mathematical set (preferable Oxford or Cambridge)

Ruler - marked

Scissor - marked


Pencil sharpener - marked

Gwd Park school bag @ R240 - order from school on / before 26 September

1 x Ringbinder + 20 sleeves

1 x flip file (30p)

Bilingual dictionary (Afr / eng)

Dictionary: Oxford School Dictionary.

Available from Shoprite – A wonderful Christmas gift.

Plus: Bilingual dictionary [Afr/Eng]

Scissors (not preschool scissors)

Stapler and staples

2 x 30 Sleeves
1 x roll Toilet paper
1 x box tissues
1 x black bag
1 set highlighters
White and blue name/book stickers (x24)
Coloured pens (esp. for English)
15 x Exercise books – A4 – 8.5mm – 72pg
2 x Exercise books – A5 – 8.5mm – 48pg
2 x reams of photocopy paper (500 sheets)
NB. This stationery is needed the whole year and must be marked clearly with your child’s name.


School diary supplied by school @ R25,00 [no other diaries please]

Please do not purchase articles your child already has.


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