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The History of Goodwood Park Primary

Goodwood - the suburb

Officially Goodwood has existed since 1905.  Goodwood is named after an English town known for horse-racing. The part of Goodwood where our school is situated, was originally known as Townsend Estate.  It is a relatively new extension of Goodwood which was developed around 1960.

Our school was opened on 23 January 1968 with 275 learners and 11 staff-members. The hall and junior primary classrooms were still being built while workers were still tiling the floors of the main building.  As a result of the continuous building and extensions, the school was only officially opened on 1 November 1974 by Dr P.S. Meyer, the then Director of Education.

The Naming of the School

It was no easy task to choose a name for the school.  After many hours of discussion it was decided to name it Goodwood Park.  Since then the residential area, as well as the nearby Dutch Reformed Church, became known as Goodwood Park.  (In 1905 there was a horse-racing club here with the same name, but it only existed for a few months).

Our School Song

Our School Song was written in 1968 by Mrs L. Bartie of Retreat. The musical composition was done by Miss A. Kellermann, then a music teacher at our school.

Our School Badge

Our School Badge was designed by Mr Albert de Jager, whose wife served on our first school committee.  It features the part of Table Mountain and Lions Head which can be seen from the school, as well as the Protea. These symbols are a part of South Africa which we are very proud of; hence our motto: Our Pride.

Number of learners

At the end of 1968 there were 349 learners and 13 staff members.  The number of increased steadily to 823, with 33 staff members in December 1975.

The number of learners increased so much that 5 classrooms had to be built in 1994.  At the end of June 1998, our school had almost 1 300 learners.

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