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Poppe Tea

Poppe Tea - 2017

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Fun Walk - 20117

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Games Day - 2017

At GWP our primary task is to provide quality education to all our learners whilst at the same time, create a stable and nurturing environment in which to achieve all of our goals. Big and small. We offer a wide range of extra-mural activities to suit and accommodate the different needs of our learners. Our current theme is “CHILDREN FIRST.” Ons glo in oopgesprek, tweerigting kommunikasie  . . . READ MORE 
Officially Goodwood has existed since 1905.  Goodwood is named after an English town known for horse-racing. The part of Goodwood where our school is situated, was originally known as Townsend Estate.  It is a relatively new extension of Goodwood which was developed around 1960. Our school was opened on 23 January 1968 with 275 learners and 11 staff-members. The hall and junior ... READ MORE..
It was no easy task to choose a name for the school.  After many hours of discussion it was decided to name it Goodwood Park.  Since then the residential area, as well as the nearby Dutch Reformed Church, became known as Goodwood Park.  (In 1905 there was a horse-racing club here with the same name, but it only existed for a few months). Our School Song was written in ... READ MORE

J Rossouw - Headmaster. Also former art teacher at Goodwood Park Primary school. 
 H Vos - Deputy Headmmaster - She runs the Foundation Phase (Grades 1 - 3) at Goowdwood Park Primary school.
 K van Rensburg Deputy Headmmaster - He is the deputy in charge of the Senior phases (Grade 4 - 7). He is also a Natural Science educator..

All application forms    MUST    be handed in at the office.   NO  e-mail applications will be  accepted!
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